Special Weaves

Truly Truly Tartan is unique in that we can, subject to design ownership and if applicable, designer royalties, commission special weaves of the tartan of your choice.

Broadloom tartan fabrics – as traditionally used by kilts makers, etc - do not work with our products as the overall pattern is to large meaning that we would only be able to display a small segment of the tartan in our products.

Working from broadloom tartan fabrics, we use our own software to miniaturise each tartan so that it can be woven by our own, UK based, specialist weavers. Our over-riding objective when designing a new special weave tartan is to retain the ‘essence’ of the tartan and as such a small degree of compromise is essential as we are limited in the number of ‘ends’ that are available for ‘narrow’ width weaving.

The process of commissioning a new narrow width tartan fabric takes approx’ 13 weeks (initial discussion to delivery) and reflects the care and attention to detail that we adopt at each stage of the development.

Where we receive commissions from a customer, each stage of the process from design to weaving is discussed and agreed (between ourselves, our customer and weaver) thus allowing changes, if necessary, to be made.

At this time, we have a standard range of 35 authentic tartans from which customers may choose – a number that is set to expand significantly during 2015.

Whether you are a Clan Association or a major Tourist Attraction wishing to stock Truly Truly Tartan products using your own Clan Tartan or a commercial business wishing to sell our products using a hitherto unavailable tartan, we are here to assist and help you in any way we can.

Please feel free to contact us for more details.





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