Clans & Septs

Clan septs were of two classes: clansmen of the clan who were related by blood and formed seperate branches, and individuals and groups who sought and had protection of the Clan.This resulted in a clan having septs of different surnames, and also persons with the same surname being attached to different clans.

The pdf below shows the family surname given first and then it is followed by the clan name with which it is usually associated and whose tartan can be worn by the members of that family.

Scottish 'Mac' names are often spelled in various ways with or without the 'a' the names are the same. Also sometimes the first letter of the second name is capitalised, which we have done in our list, but other times it is not.

This list does not claim to be fully comprehensive or definitive. Even respected authorities differ on the complex question of clan and sept association.

 Clans and Septs List  - Who is your Clan


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