Design Copyright

Intellectual Property & Design Copyright


Company Statement:

We take piracy / copying of our original designs, products & interlectual property very seriously and will take whatever legal action is necessary to protect our Business, our unique designs and products.

ACID - Anti Copying In Design

All intellectual property rights in our designs and products are and will belong to Trish Tracy of Truly Truly Tartan and any infringement will be pursued vigorously”     


What is Intellectual Property? (IP)

Intellectual Property is the collective term for the rights arising under the law relating to Copyright, Unregistered Design Rights, Registered Design Rights, Patents, Trade Marks and the Law of Confidence.

Intellectual property represents original work (in this case by Trish Tracy) that can be legally protected.

Reverse engineering of products designed by Trish Tracy, as above, is an offence under the Interlectual Properties Act 2014

Help us STOP the Pirates/Copiers

If you see anyone who is / are making and / or selling copies of any products that have been designed by Trish Tracy and / or any products manufactured and / or sold by Truly Truly Tartan, either at exhibitions, trade fairs, events or on the Truly Truly Tartan website, we would ask you to contact us with the details of the offending organisation / company / persons.

We thank you for you help and assistance.

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